Who We Are

We are an alliance of of concerned Namibian, Batswana and Angolan citizens made up of individuals, indigenous peoples, local communities, civil society organisations, scientists, journalists, artists and academics with support from the African region and international community who have come together to challenge ReconAfrica’s planned oil and gas drilling activities in the Okavango River Basin in northeastern Namibia, northwestern Botswana and potentially southern Angola.

The world’s climate is changing and most of Namibia and Botswana will experience a rise of 6 degree Celsius by 2100. This will speed up species extinction and threaten livelihoods that rely on annual rainfall and good ground water availability. Oil and gas exploration, extraction, production and use has gotten a free pass to pollute our air, soil and water for far too long and it has no place in our rich landscape of wildlife and people who depend upon clean water and ecological systems for their daily existence.

We say NO to ReconAfrica, and NO to drilling of any kind for the dead end future of dirty oil and gas. Now is the time for healing, for energy that relies on pure sunshine and clean wind, for food that nourishes, for water that is safe to drink.

Now is our time to stand together and fight for environmental and social justice, while heeding the painful lessons learnt from people who have lost everything after oil and gas companies moved into their backyard in pursuit of short-term oil riches, leaving behind devastated communities, degraded land and polluted water.

The time to act is now. We have drawn a line in the Kalahari sand: this far and no further. We are committed to ensuring a life affirming future for the more than one million people who rely on this unique ecosystem for their every need. A future that secures livelihoods, ensures the survival of species and creates an ecological rampart against the catastrophic effects of human-induced climate change in the region.

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