As National Geographic explained in a recent article about the drilling, ReconAfrica’s “license area supports various endangered species, such as African wild dogs, white-backed vultures, and Temminck’s ground pangolins. Africa’s largest remaining trans-boundary population of savanna elephants moves through it. In Namibia, the license area is home to more than 200,000 people”.

Their investigative series is here:

The petroleum exploration company ReconAfrica doesn’t appear to have taken what experts say is a key step to prevent contamination of groundwater.

ReconAfrica investor reports from May 2019 to March 2020 show how ReconAfrica came to “own” this landscape, and touts its plan to “sell” it to their investors by the acre, -out from under the people who call this incredible region home. The company were planning to drill “100’s of wells” based on “production from horizontals” and “modern frac simulations”


More resources include their original EIA, in three parts, including the Scoping Report, the Environmental Impact Assessment and their Environmental Management Plan.

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